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Priests serving since 1914

Rev. D.P. Kelly 1914-1918 

Rev. Daniel Grace 1919-1924

Rev. Robert Dillon 1925-1926

Rev. William Chaput 1927-1929 Rev. Michael Rosol 1929-1935

Rev. Michael P. Mead 1935-1949 Rev. Patrick McNerney 1949-1956 Rev. Daniel McAllister 1956-1961 Rev. Joseph Buck 1961-1967

Rev. Thomas Delahunty 1967-1975 Rev. Lester J. McCloskey 1975-1980 Rev. Gerald Moffat 1980-1991

Rev. Jan Larson 1992-2007

Rev. John Ludvik 2007-2011

Rev. Roy Baroma 2011-2017

Rev. Duc Nguyen 2017-

100 year celebration

Stained Glass Windows

CARNATION – In the early days of what is now east King County, priests traveled up the Snoqualmie River to celebrate Mass in communities along the river. In 1914, local Catholics built a small church on donated land in Tolt (now Carnation), with the help of funds from the Catholic Extension Society and $500 from a private donor. St. Anthony Mission was dedicated Nov. 13, 1914, by Bishop Edward O’Dea.

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