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Dating back now to the 50's, parishioners can still hear

Bob announce the upcoming event and his tag line,

 "we ask the women of the parish to please bring homemade rolls, jelly and jam."

The men, old and young of the parish, gather, prepare, cook and serve a breakfast consisting of homemade smoked sausage, fresh potato hash browns, scrambled eggs, homemade rolls, jams, jelly, juice and coffee. Afterward they clean the whole kitchen as well.


March 29

Bob Nelson

The fun starts....

Thursday night before the event when the men meet to stuff the sausage. This annual event has become a great fundraiser for the church as well. If you are interested, let 

Dennis Carter know, for he is the chief cook and organizer of the

 "Bob Nelson" breakfast, 

carrying on in Bob's memory.

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