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Dear Parishioners,


As many around the world struggle with the Coronavirus, St. Anthony of Padua has not been immune to the effects caused by these recent events.  Archbishop Etienne to suspend all Masses was an important step in helping slow the spread of the virus.  This decision was not taken lightly.  It was made out of concern for the common good and care of the vulnerable in our community.  This important step will seriously impact in our weekly collection.  Like most parishes, 90% of our revenue comes from the generous support of our faith community.  This generosity supports the basic operations (payroll, utilities, maintenance, etc.)  and ministries of our church.


This is a good time to remind you that we have several options available for giving electronically in a safe and secure way such as VANCO payment solutions.  Online giving can be customized by you.  The frequency of how you want to give (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and the type of gift (debit, credit, EFT, etc.) is up to you.  Please visit our website at or click on the VANCO button below for instructions on how to quickly set up an Online giving account or call the parish office.  If you do not wish to give online, please remember to mail in your weekly stewardship gift.  We thank you for your continued support of our parish.


When we have a need for you

to donate on-line, we will let you know

here at this page. Thank you ahead of time for your generous donation.


Normall, we host a number of various events and parish supported activities. If at any time your prayers direct you our way, we can always use the help!

Thank you ahead of time for your time and talents!


We need help with specific ways to help others. One way, you can sign up to bring meals to those in need.

Have an idea? 

God Bless you and your family!

One again, and ahead of time, we appreciate your time, treasure and talents.

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