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Committee Chair: GONE

We need a NEW Person to run this event!

To be held every OTHER year on the ODD Years......

August Date!!

Dont miss St. Anthony's Garage Sale 

A Note from Polly

Hello everyone.....

Please start gathering items to donate:  housewares, kitchen items, sporting equipment, garden items, clothing, toys, furniture, books, “guy stuff” and any other treasures.  The portables will be available after May 26th for drop off.  Please have items priced, clean and in good shape.  Large pieces of furniture can be dropped off at the church on August 9th.  Please See me, Polly Hutchison for questions and volunteer opportunities. Thank you.....Polly

Of course all proceeds go to St. Anthony,

its been a great resource and source of income for the church needs. 

THANK YOU to Polly Hutchison but she moved!!!!


to head up this committee, and gather everyone to contribute their time, talent and goodness!

CONTACT the church if you want to work this event. 

Always feel free to contact 

the office ahead of time if you would like to get involved

early and be a part of this exciting crew.

There will be plenty of time to collect, clean and donate your household item, clothing, appliance, furniture or anything else you deem
able to sell at our garage sale. 
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