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The Stations of the Cross

were purchased and blessed on September 14, 1936 by Archbishop Geraldus. Tolt's Catholic parishioners dug a new basement beneath the St. Anthony Church building in 1955. It took less than a year to complete with hard work of Nick and Alfonso Loutsis, Jerry Meehan, Carl Aronica. They spent time building the forms and pouring concrete for the foundation. Keith Hamilton spent hours hanging sheet rock and Chris Loutsis worked on the stucco in the kitchen. It was a joint effort when parishioners came together to complete the

basement/social hall for all to enjoy.

The first quarterly meeting of the St. Vincent De Paul Society was held in the newly constructed basement on April 15, 1956.

Bibliographic reference: Jones, Isabel L., ed., A History of Tolt/Carnation: A Town Remembered, (Snohomish, 1987) Tolt Historical Society, p. 62. 

Note: Carnation was known as Tolt from its initial settlement until

1917, and again from 1928 to 1951.

First Communion 1959
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