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Parishioners constructed the St. Anthony Mission Church in Tolt in the year 1914 with donations from the Catholic Extension Society and a private donation of $500.00 from Mr. Meehan. The land was donated by a Tolt resident Ronald McDonald, who continued to live in the house west of the church. 

The first Mass celebrated in the new building was on November 6,  1914, and the church was dedicated by the Arch Bishop on November 13, 1914. Mass was celebrated monthly with the rest of the Monroe Parish. Rev. D.P. Kelly was the first priest to serve at St. Anthony from 1914-1918. He was followed by Rev. Daniel Grace 1919-1924, Rev. Robert Dillon 1925-1926 and Rev. William Chaput 1927-1929.

St. Anthony Church was separated from the Monroe parish and acquired its own priest. Rev. Michael Rosol who served from 1929-1935. After that, masses were held weekly as the size of the parish grew.

November 1914
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